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You can now access Orthopaedic expertise via a new virtual consult service offered by Cape Hip and Knee Practice.

When you book a 30-minute consult, you will have an opportunity to speak to one of our Orthopaedic surgeons via video or voice call.

Now, during the lockdown, the virtual consult has the added benefit of reducing exposure to COVID-19.

You can have your questions answered by an Orthopaedic specialist and get an opinion on what the next steps are to regain a level of mobility within the safety and comfort of your home.

How Does a Virtual Consult Work?

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For someone needing hip or knee surgery, driving and getting around can be challenging. Having a virtual consult eliminates the need to travel and saves you time – no sitting in traffic or waiting at the Dr’s room for your appointment.

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Provides Insight

It does not eliminate the need for a physical consult but allows a patient to get valuable insight into the urgency of their problem and treatment options. A second opinion can confirm that you are making the right choice.


A Global Service

The virtual consult offered by Cape Hip and Knee Practice is available to anyone with a hip or knee-related injury and requires orthopaedic advice. You can access the service from anywhere around the globe not only from within South Africa.

During your call, you will be asked to describe or demonstrate the nature of your injury. In many ways it will be the same as if you were visiting the doctor’s rooms. You’ll discuss the outcomes you hope for and the possible treatment solutions. If the recommendation is surgery, the benefits and risks of different surgical options may also be discussed. The objective is to help you make an informed decision regarding your injury and possible treatment.

How is the Call Conducted?

VIDEO CALL - Ideally, we’d like to have a video call with you, as this allows you to demonstrate your range of movement or specific signs and is very similar to having a face to face consultation. The video platforms we use are Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook video.

TO FACILITATE THE VIRTUAL CONSULT - you will need access to Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook video; as well as a computer or smart device, and a reliable WIFI connection or data. If a video call is not possible, we can call you on a landline or cell phone or using WhatsApp voice call.

APPOINTMENTS - these will depend on availability. Currently you could be assisted between 10h00 and 13h00, weekdays, South African time (GMT+2). However, if you’re located internationally in a different time zone, we will endeavour to arrange a time that is convenient for all.

How to Book a Virtual Orthopaedic Consult?

1. Book

Click on the BOOK A VIRTUAL CONSULT button above to enquire with our office about a suitable appointment time and complete the patient admission form.

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2. We contact You

In response to your enquiry, you’ll receive an email or call from Cape Hip and Knee Practice with appointment availability.

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3. Confirmation

Once you’ve selected a time, you will receive a Virtual Consult Confirmation as well as information on preparing
for the call.

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4. Payment

You’ll also receive an invoice for R950 which needs to be settled before the Virtual Consult. Payment can be made via Snapscan or EFT.

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5. Your 30 min Call

The orthopaedic specialist will contact you at the appointed time. Please ensure you’re familiar with the relevant video platform so that no consult time is wasted resolving technical issues.

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6. Feedback

After the call, you’ll receive a follow-up email. The purpose of this is to get feedback from you and find ways to continue to improve this offering.

Downloads and Payment Options


WhatsApp Messenger is a free app available for iPhone & other smartphones. It uses your phone’s internet connection /Wi-Fi to let you message, call and video-call.

  1. Download the app from App Store (Iphone) or Play Store (Android).
  2. Make sure you have added Cape Hip & Knee Practice as a contact on your phone.
  3. When the Orthopaedic Specialist contacts you, accept the call / video-call that appears on your screen.


Zoom is a free app available for iPhone, smartphones and computers. It uses your internet connection / Wi-Fi to let you video-call.

  1. Download from App Store (Iphone), Play Store (Android), (computer).
  2. Prepare for your video call by opening Zoom ahead of time and typing in the meeting ID supplied by Cape Hip and Knee Practice. NB: Test the sound and microphone!
  3. Wait for the Orthopaedic Specialist to start the meeting.

Pay via EFT

Cape Hip and Knee will email you an invoice for R950 which needs to be settled 24 hrs prior to the Virtual Consult. Use the banking details below and please email proof of payment to:

Cape Hip and Knee Clinic Inc
Claremont Branch
Account No: 407 256 8030
Branch Code: 632 005
Current Account
Ref: Virtual + (your initial + surname)

Pay via Snapscan

Snapscan is a payment app, available free for iPhone and smartphones.

  1. Download from App Store (Iphone) or Play Store (Android)
  2. Open Snapscan, add your details and banking details to enable payments.

Frequently asked Questions

A virtual consult, especially one via video, is very similar to a face to face consult. It is easy enough to verify the credentials of any of our orthopaedic specialists by only doing an online search. You'll receive the same professional opinion in a virtual consult as you would at a consult at our rooms.

The cost of R950 for a 30-minute virtual consult is the same as an in-person consult at Cape Hip and Knee Practice. Once you have a confirmed appointment, the next step is to finalise payment prior to the consultation.

Virtual consulting is a new concept in the medical field, and as a result, many medical aids are still establishing policies in this regard. However, with the current Covid-19 pandemic, the need for limiting movement is making virtual consults a viable alternative. As a result, some medical aids are starting to recognise that they are a necessary solution and are taking steps to support virtual consults. Please contact your medical aid to confirm if they will cover the cost of the consult. We will provide all necessary documentation to support your claim.

To be able to conduct a video call, you will need access to a camera-enabled computer or smart tablet or smartphone. You will also need a reliable internet connection that can support video calls – also remember that video uses more data. The programs we use to conduct video calls are Zoom, WhatsApp video or Facebook video. Please make sure you're familiar with how to operate the system you'll be using prior to the call to avoid any technical glitches. We will also be able to assist you with information on how to use these platforms.

If you do not have internet or a camera-enabled device we can conduct the consultation by phone however, it may take slightly longer to assist you. We're happy to call you from our offices on either your landline or cell phone.

Unfortunately we are only able to conduct the virtual consults by video or voice call. Voice notes or WhatsApp messages do not provide sufficient information for our orthopaedic specialists to make an informed opinion.

When you set up your appointment, you will be asked to forward all relevant information and any x-rays or other investigative tests you've undergone. Together with this, you will also need to submit our intake form, similar to what you would fill in at our rooms. If you do not have electronic copies of test results, Cape Hip and Knee Practice can access these records from the relevant test facility, provided they have your details and permission.

Cape Hip and Knee Practice can offer an orthopaedic opinion on any hip or knee-related query.

A virtual consult can replace an initial face-to-face consultation. If conservative treatment fails and surgery is indicated, then a face to face consult is mandatory.