Harnessing technology, orthopaedic skill and team work to help you make the right choice.

There’s a benefit to working with a team of specialist orthopaedic surgeons with a combined 68 years of surgical experience. You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your case will be discussed from all perspectives, drawing on the individual skills, surgical knowledge and orthopaedic expertise from each doctor in the practice. This ensures that your hip or knee replacement surgery or complex revision surgery has the greatest possible chance of success.
Cape Hip and Knee Practice specialises in corrective surgeries and complex cases. Having pioneered a collaborative approach to surgery, we’ve seen that discussing cases brings about the best solutions. We help you make an informed decision on joint preservation or joint replacement so that you can enjoy a more mobile and pain free lifestyle. Having completed more than 10 000 joint replacements, when it comes to joint health and choosing orthopaedic surgeons in Cape Town, we are the right choice.




Surgical Approaches

Our combined specialist orthopaedic expertise means that, cases are discussed in-depth, from different viewpoints, to select the most appropriate surgical approach for you.

Complex Revision Surgery

Revision joint replacement surgery is the most challenging of procedures undertaken in our unit. This surgery is required when a previous joint replacement has failed because of mechanical loosening instability or wear. Challenges include poor bone stock, loss of soft tissue including muscle mass and quality as well as the feared complication of infection. This is where a multidisciplinary and team approach comes into its own. These complex cases are evaluated by the group, prior to the surgery. The surgery is performed by a team of Orthopaedic surgeons combining their collective experiences.


Surgeries are performed in a dedicated orthopaedic theatre at Life Orthopaedic Hospital. All our patients get home care and access to emergency services from a team of experienced clinical nurses.

Joint Preservation

We have a team dedicated to joint preservation. A detailed analysis of joints is conducted prior to surgery considerations. It is our preference to save joints, rather than replace them, whenever possible.


We have been at the forefront of innovation in orthopaedic surgery for many years. Some of our work includes the development of a globally-patented vertical measurement system to guarantee accurate leg length correction following joint replacement surgery.

Cape Hip and Knee Practice also facilitated the development of a global fee model in South Africa. This has enabled more medical aids to offer their members previously excluded Hip and Knee Replacement surgery.

Our Total Knee Replacement surgery is state of the art. We do a CT scan on the knee which is then used to 3D print patient specific cutting blocks in the USA, to ensure a more accurate and successful surgery.


We have been intimately involved in the training of Orthopaedic Surgeons over many years. Prof Grobler was previously the head of the Arthroplasty programme at Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH) which is now headed by Dr Nortje with Dr Dower. Furthermore, our post-graduate fellowship programme has been running for 15 years and is sponsored by Johnson and Johnson. Newly qualified Orthopaedic surgeons spend a year under the guidance of the team headed by Prof Dunn at GSH as well as the surgeons at Vincent Pallotti Hospital. On completion of the programme, the surgeons are proficient in the nuances of hip and knee, primary and revision surgery.


In February 2018, 19 months into my English Channel swim training, the pain resulting from the deterioration of my hip prevented me from going any further. I consulted Dr Grobler and he managed to schedule me in last minute for a hip replacement in early March. Only 3 weeks after a successful op (with minimal scarring!) I was back in the water training and completed the swim in August as planned – at the age of 62! A huge thanks to you as I couldn’t have done it without you!

Testimonial post op 2

Paul Stevenson

After 40 years of surfing, I have never fallen off my board while on take-off however, this happened on a surf trip to Bali. Having repeated falls, coupled with stiffness in my hip, I realised something was wrong. I met with Dr Dower and after taking one look at my x-ray, he pointed out that I needed a hip replacement. After 3 months I was back to playing tennis, and I started surfing the month after. Now more than a year after the op, I have been on a tropical surf trip and an off-site skiing trip and have had no problems with my hip. Thank you, Dr Dower, for getting me back into action so quickly!

Testimonial - Richard

Kimon Mamacos

Only 7 months after my hip replacement at Cape Hip and Knee, I successfully completed the Tour de Africa from Cairo to Cape Town. My new hip has also taken me across Australia and I continue to enjoy many new cycling adventures. None of this would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for Cape Hip and Knee!

cyclist after surgery

Peter Lamond

When I had hip replacement surgery eight years ago, I feared it would mean the end of competitive tennis for me. However, after I had my hip replacement surgery, done by Dr Grobler at Cape Hip and Knee, I continued to play on the International Tennis Federation Seniors circuit and was even faster and better than before! My ranking in both singles and doubles improved significantly as a result. In 2019 I had to have the ‘other’ hip replaced and with such a fast recovery I still continue to play and compete. Thank you so much for giving me my mobility back, not just for tennis, but for all the things that I can now do and enjoy!

tennis client

Mary Jooste